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The beautiful and friendly village of Lardos, is on the sunny south east side of the island, within easy each of Lindos Town. Lardos offers all the facilities you would expect in a modern holiday destination. There are doctors surgery, dentist, pharmacy, hairdresser, exchange facilities, international telephone network, news agent, car, motorbike, and bicycle hire.

 Life centers around the wide tree lined village square where many of the locals still go to draw natural spring water from the fountain; preferring it to the perfectly drinkable piped water supply. You will find many of the friendly locals enjoy sitting in the cafeneions in the square, drinking Greek coffee or the local ouzo, while talking and playing Tavly (the equivalent of backgammon). The many local restaurants offer a variety of mouth watering selections of both Greek and international cuisines.

By day, organized excursions are available to Lindos Town, and the Acropolis of Lindos, trips around the island, shopping trips to Rhodes Town, and to the ruins at ancient Kamarios and the Monasteries. Sailing trips are also available to neighboring island of Simi and to Marmaris in Turkey. By night, occasionally local bands will play live music in the square and our plentiful bars do take on a more modern flavor of music. Alternatively, the local hotels also offer contemporary discos and Karaoke evenings, while Lindos, with its more extensive night life, can easily be reached by taxi or bus. Your enjoyment of the night life may include spontaneous Greek dancing in a bar, restaurant, or in a Greek wedding.

Rhodes has three airports but only one is public. Diagoras Airport, one of the biggest in Greece, is the main entrance /exit point for both locals and tourists. The island is well connected with other major Greek cities and islands as well as with major European capitals and cities via charter flights.

Rhodes has five ports, three of them in Rhodes City, one in the west coast near Kamiros and one in east coast near Lardos.

The hotel is located 50 km from Rhodes Town, 60 km from Airport, 50 km from Rhodes main port and 20 m from Lardos beach (Awarded with Blue Flag)